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Driven by our vision and goals, we continue to develop, expand, and leverage the best technologies to provide solutions for the hottest market trends.

Phase 3

Phase 1

‣ Changing AWS Server                     Architecture

‣ Launch of iOS App

‣ Launch of Android App

‣ VeroxAI NFT collection

Additional Improvements

‣ User Experience (UX) and User     Interface (UI) Enhancements

‣ Massive Marketing Campaigns       to Grow Subscriber Base and         Token Holders

‣ Community Building to Foster         Engagement and Interaction

‣ Partnerships and Integrations

‣ Security Enhancements

Phase 2

‣ Improvement to VeroxAI Algorithm       for Higher Accuracy and Profitability

‣ Upgrading Data Provider for                 Enhanced Data Quality and Results

‣ Enhancement of all VeroxAI                 Features

‣ Development of Additional                   Features to Cover More                       Categories, such as New                     Launches, Meme Coins, RWA,           and more.

Phase 4

Execution and Monitoring

‣ Project Management to                 manage roadmap execution

‣ Performance Monitoring and         Feedback Loop to establish         KPIs

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